How my wife created her first simple process for Business cards with SharePoint Custom Forms, Flow and PowerApps

I do travel a lot for conferences and usually go speak with sponsors and attendees to learn what they do, how their projects are going etc.… – And as expected we exchange our business cards – natural process, isn’t it. The bad thing with that is, I barely remember from who I received that specific business card (as at the end of the event I have 50 carts in hands) and most of time I throw them in the garbage and hope that person will call me.

So, we’ve decided with my wife to create a simple process – that she could adapt if necessary and that would not take more than 1 hour – to automate that visit cards story – as she is the sales person contacting potential customers in our company.

Here is the process

Step 1

After a successful meeting with the potential customer take a picture of his business card with Office Lens and save it under OneDrive for Business. In Microsoft Flow, create a OneDrive For Business Action When a file is created in a specific folder. If successful, this action will trigger the creation of a new List Item with the file name.

Step 2

Add the Business card image on the newly created item and send an email to the creator to fill in additional information. The only thing that you could change is the to field. As I’m the only one travelling I did put my email address, but what you could do is adding the creator the item; so, anyone creating the list item would be responsible for adding the complimentary information.


We tried to keep it as simple as possible and here is how the email looks like. Thanks to the Link to item I can directly edit the newly created item on the SharePoint app on Mobile.

With PowerApps we edited the SharePoint Forms and added the newly introduced List Attachments and BING Location.

Step 3

The final step is to create a Task in Planner and to post a Message in Teams. The only drawback I had with the Planner Action is that the Dynamic Content (Add Days) didn’t work – but in theory you could add a new task in Planner and give a due date with the dynamic content (today + 28 days).

That’s it – easy as “bonjour”. She could make this process in less than one hour and have something automated to:

  • Save our business cards into OneDrive For Business
  • Create a task for follow up into Planner
  • Post a message internally to chat into Microsoft Teams
  • Save complementary information into a SharePoint List.

Have fun,

Gokan & Burcu

I own a company and work a lot with #SharePoint. Entrepreneur. Microsoft Regional Director and @MVPAward for Office Servers and Services.

2 comments On How my wife created her first simple process for Business cards with SharePoint Custom Forms, Flow and PowerApps

  • I took similar idea.
    Made a powerapp.
    Created a layout that is your business card. Pulling details from you tenant profile.
    This is for quick snap shots and screen grab and send.

    Added a screen with a QR code from forms and a link to a contact form for quick fill in.

    Another screen with just an enter email address. It fires off an email to the person with your details etc. I could also extend that as you have done to planner. Send a brochure etc through flow.

    My customer has also a need for offline. So adding offline forms and capture for details.

    Great ways to use many of the parts of 365.

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